List of Super Cute and Funny Pun Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the holiday’s children and adults alike look forward to and why wouldn’t they, dressing up in innovative costumes, candy, the spookiness, decorating your home with spooky decor and so much more. With these halloween costumes, not only are you going to look cute but also score some pun points. We have costume ideas for all solo costumers, couple costumes and even group costumes.

Social Butterfly

All you need are butterfly wings, big size cutouts of logos of social media websites and a cute dress.

Pin or stick the logos on to your dress, get your butterfly wings on and there you have it your social butterfly costume.

Bag of M&Ms (Eminems)

Now this one is high up on the pun-o-meter. You will need a heavy duty

Trash bag one which won’t rip easily, and big cutout pictures of eminem and a comfortable attire.

Once you have some clothes on, get into the trash bag, slit pockets for your arms and legs, stick the eminem pictures and you are a bag of eminems.

Spice Girls

You can rock this girl gang costume idea with your best pals and its easy on the pocket. You can bring your own twists too.

The idea is to dress up as a different spice and together you are the spice girls. You could wear t-shirts with the name of spices written like cinnamon, nutmeg.


This costume banks on combining the two unlikely – zombie + bee

You and your pals can wear a bee costume and wear zombie makeup and classic zombie hairstyle and now you can ask for both brains and honey, get it ?


This one calls for just two simple things, a loaf of bread and tshirt or even a sash which reads “winner”

Devil Wears Prada

Who hasn’t seen this iconic movie, and you can channel it this Halloween by dressing up as a devil and wear any piece of clothing which has Prada written on it or you can just simply go ahead and write “Prada” on a plain t-shirt. You can make it more dramatic and wear a sash with “Prada” written on it.

Hawaian Punch

This is a cute couple costume idea where one of you dresses up like a boxer with the gloves and boxing shorts and hoodie, the works and the other channels in their inner hawaian. Together you will be the hawaian punch.

Holy Cow

For this adorable costume, you need to dress up as cow and put on angel wings or even a halo on your head.

Formal Apology

This costume is kind of a discreet one, you need to dress up in the most formal attire you have and put on a sash reading “apology” and you would be dressed a “formal apology”.

News Flash

Now this costume is for those who are a bit of a daredevil or who actively want to show-off their costumes. Wrap yourself up in layers of newspapers, better not to use glue and not wrap yourself too tight, you don’t want discomfort getting in the way of your fun. You should consider wearing some comfortable attire underneath the newspaper. Next you need to cover yourself up in a large trench court. Now when anyone asks you what are you dressed up as, we believe you know what to do “winks”.

Raining (Reigning) Cats and Dogs

This costume packs a royal punch. You dress up as a royal with your crown and royal attire and then bring a twist by attaching cat and dog soft toys to your attire.

Snail Mail

Another couples costume idea. One of you dressess up as a snail, which can be done by rolling a long piece of cloth like the shell of a snail and then attaching it onto your back and the other one dresses like a mail(wo)man.

Fifty Shade of Grey

This costume can be worn solo, in groups or even as a couple. Just head to your nearest supply store and get yourself paint samples brochures for the colour grey. You can stick or hang them by a thread on a grey attire.

A Blessing in Disguise

For this costume you would need a mask, even a minimalistic one would do and a name tag which reads “My name is Blessing” or you can go with a sash which has “blessing” written on it.

Heavy Metal Rock Band

Another fun group costume idea, where you and your buddies dress up as actual heavy metals. You could go with simple labels as metals on your outfit or take it on another level by wearing metallic clothes and makeup.

Heavy metals you can dress up as arsenic,lead,mercury,cadmium.

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