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Welcome to Old Bus Tavern, where we share our love for craft beer and food experiences to make your dining and drinking adventures both enjoyable and informative. Founded by Denzel Washington, and co-founded by Alex Turner, our mission is to help people have the best experiences by sharing insights into local taverns, their menus, prices, special deals, and the ambiance of each place.

Are you planning to visit a local brewery, a cozy tavern, or a popular fast-food restaurant? Read our experiences and insights before indulging, so you know what to expect and can make the most of your visit. We understand that every penny counts and that your time is valuable.

Our dedication is to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information so that food and beer lovers can have the best experience possible.

Our Team

Denzel Washington – Founder

Denzel Washington

Hi, I’m Denzel Washington, the founder of Old Bus Tavern. I’m passionate about craft beer and the vibrant culture surrounding local taverns. While exploring various taverns and breweries, I realized the need for a reliable guide to help people navigate this exciting world. My favorite spot is The Beer Hall, known for its extensive beer selection and friendly atmosphere.

Alex Turner – Co-Founder

Alex Turner

Alex Turner is a seasoned traveler with a knack for finding the best dining and drinking spots around the world. His expertise in tasting and reviewing various menus led to the co-founding of Old Bus Tavern. Alex’s day begins with a strong black coffee and ends with a refreshing pint of IPA. His favorite place is The Brew House, where the ambiance and beer quality are top-notch.

Samantha Collins – Head of Content

Samantha is the driving force behind our engaging and informative content. Her passion for both writing and culinary exploration ensures that every article provides valuable insights into food and drink quality. Samantha loves to unwind at The Tavern Grill, enjoying their signature dishes and craft beers.

Writing Team

Behind the scenes, we have a team of talented writers who share our experiences and insights with you. Here are some of our senior writers:

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Emma is a senior writer with a keen eye for detail. She loves exploring new taverns and sharing her experiences with our readers. Emma’s favorite place is The Ale House, known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious food.

Liam Smith

Liam Smith art

Liam has a background in food nutrition and health, bringing a unique perspective to our content. He ensures that our articles are both informative and enjoyable. Liam’s favorite spot is The Brewpub, where he enjoys their healthy menu options and craft beers.

Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown art

Olivia excels at capturing the ambiance and dining insights of various fast-food chains. Her unbiased reviews help our readers make informed decisions. Olivia’s favorite place is The Burger Joint, known for its fantastic burgers and friendly service.

Thank you for being part of the Old Bus Tavern community. We are committed to delivering clear and accurate information about menus, prices, and experiences to help you save time and money. Feel free to reach out with suggestions or advice. Cheers!