How to make natural liquid hand soap

Once I visited my village and when I was going back to my city, there I saw this amazing small shop, where you can get many things like soap, shampoo, and other home groceries and while I was enjoying the view I saw that people were making soaps and hand soap from natural and organic things, I got very excited and stopped there and bought a couple of handmade soaps, after that I went to home took a shower and used that soap, the smell was good and it was very bubbly when applying to the body the soap gave a great fragrance to my body and let me have a nice shower after using them I got used to them in just a couple of weeks and it really made my skin so soft and silly and I started looking more lively the skin was glowing than before so when I ran out of my soaps I went online to find a store that sells organic handmade soap the price was way too expensive for them, and I couldn’t afford that much for just a soap so I look on the internet and tried to find how to make a great organic soap just at your house with stuff that will easily be available at near stores and I got it so I’m gonna share that with you how you can also make a great organic liquid hand soap at home that will work as a hand soap and body wash too.

Ingredients you will need

Potassium hydroxide 9 ounces, which is used to make the liquid soaps and is not that easy to find but not that hard either if you live in an urban city you will not have much problem finding it. Make sure to be careful while handling it as it can be dangerous and wear a glove or some kind of goggles, and don’t worry after it mixes with all other ingredients it will lose the chemical danger in the process of saponification.

Coconut oil 10 ounces, get any coconut oil make sure it’s at room temperature and not way too hard and if it’s hard and froze then make sure to melt it a little so it can be mixed.

Olive oil 10 ounces, with oil the better organic brands you use, the better results you will get so get the natural ones with not so much chemical.

Rice bran oil 3 ounces, a super easy oil to find and will be able to get from any general store or market.

Safflower oil or soya bean oil 13 ounce, Whatever you can find easily get that oil.

Sunflower oil 5.5 ounce and you will find it easily near your place.

Distilled water 25 ounce and another 60 ounce for diluting the paste, you can not use normal water from your tap for this you need to buy a distilled water bottle it’s not that expensive and you can find it anywhere even in electronics shops as they also carry it for some batteries and stuff.

Liquid vegetable glycerine 16 ounce.

Essential oils any oil is okay 3 ounce.

And any scent or color you want to add to your liquid soap it’s Up to you which one you want and what scent you like so go with your instincts.

Let’s make our soap

You will need a slow heater or cooker, a blender(hand or electronic), a jar that you will put your soap in, get a masher and plastic spoon that is durable, not low quality,

Get your gloves on and get the eyes protected by your goggles as we will start from now on.

Turn your heater too high and start to melt all the oils together just the oils only.

Get that 25 ounces of water and put it on a container and then pour the potassium hydroxide carefully and make sure you don’t do that reverse or it can be dangerous once you pour it and mix it, the sound will come and you will know that it’s getting dissolved.

Now when all oils are melted and mixed pour that water into the baker containing the oil.

Cook it for 60 min in high flame, then turn to low flame and stir it once or twice after every 10 or 20 min for 2 hours.

After that, it will become hard and won’t be stirred by spoon so get that masher in and start breaking it.

Take another container and put 60 ounces of water there and when it boiling to the high temperatures and you can see bubbles pour that mixture into that container.

Add your vegetable glycerine now and start Stirring the ingredients and leave it covered for a few hours or overnight if possible in low flame and when you come back you will see a jelly kind of form.

Let the soap rest for 60 min and then take a spoon and get that jelly above the container aside as the soap is below that in liquid form.

And it’s done you have your own handmade liquid soap you can take a bath or wash your hand with this.

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