Porto’s Breakfast Hours And Menu [2024 Updated]

Porto’s Bakery is a family favorite; They serve breakfast all day. You can pick from classics like the American Breakfast Plate or try something unique like Belgian Waffles and French Toast. If you’re starving, go for the Breakfast Burrito or Sandwich. Everything’s priced to be affordable. Porto’s is known for quality and variety, making it a top spot for breakfast lovers who want great food without spending a lot.

Porto’s Breakfast Hours

Days Breakfast Hour Starts Breakfast Hour Ends
Monday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Tuesday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Wednesday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Thursday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Friday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Saturday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM
Sunday 06:30 AM 08:00 PM

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Porto’s Breakfast Menu

Porto's Breakfast

Items Price Calories
American Breakfast Plate $10.99 650 cals
Belgian Waffle $8.99 590 cals
French Toast $7.99 450 cals
Breakfast Burrito $9.99 700 cals
Breakfast Sandwich $6.99 350 cals
Avocado Toast $9.99 320 cals
Bagel and Lox $12.99 600 cals
Huevos Rancheros $11.99 550 cals
Greek Yogurt Parfait $6.99 290 cals
Omelet $9.99 400 cals
Pancakes $7.99 530 cals
Quiche $8.99 410 cals
Smoked Salmon Bagel $11.99 480 cals
Breakfast Bowl $10.99 640 cals
Chilaquiles $9.99 610 cals

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To sum up, Porto’s Bakery offers a comprehensive and appealing breakfast menu that suits all tastes. Whether you prefer traditional American breakfasts or unique Cuban-inspired dishes, they’ve got you covered. Their breakfast is available from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM, which is perfect no matter your schedule. Plus, you can easily order online until 7:00 PM for same-day pickup. Whether you like your breakfast savory or sweet, Porto’s quality and flavor stand out in every bite.

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