McDonald’s Breakfast Hours And Menu [Updated 2024]

McDonald’s is known for its reliable and diverse breakfast options that meet the needs of all kinds of customers. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a simple egg sandwich or a bacon and cheese biscuit loaded with flavor.

As 2024 approaches, McDonald’s is changing its breakfast hours and menu to keep up with what customers want and how they live. They’ve noticed that people are looking for more flexible breakfast times because everyone is always on the go. Let’s have a look at these McDonald’s breakfast hours changes.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours

Days Breakfast Hour Starts Breakfast Hour Ends
Monday 05:00 AM 10:30 AM
Tuesday 05:00 AM 10:30 AM
Wednesday 05:00 AM 10:30 AM
Thursday 05:00 AM 10:30 AM
Friday 05:00 AM 10:30 AM
Saturday 05:00 AM 11:00 AM
Sunday 05:00 AM 11:00 AM

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McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

McDonald's Breakfast item

Item Price Calories
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit $3.99 460
Egg McMuffin® $3.99 300
Sausage McMuffin® $3.19 400
Sausage McMuffin® with Egg $3.59 480
Sausage Biscuit $1.49 460
Sausage Biscuit with Egg $2.19 530
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® $4.29 420
Sausage McGriddles® $3.99 430
Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® $4.49 550
Big Breakfast® $4.99 750
Big Breakfast® with Hotcakes $6.49 1350
Hotcakes $3.19 590
Hotcakes and Sausage $3.99 780
Sausage Burrito $1.49 310
Hash Browns $1.19 150
Fruit & Maple Oatmeal $2.99 320
Egg McMuffin® Meal $5.79 450
Sausage McMuffin® with Egg Meal $5.79 630
Sausage Biscuit with Egg Meal $4.39 680
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Meal $4.99 610
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® Meal $6.29 570
Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® Meal $6.29 700
Sausage McGriddles® Meal $5.99 580
Sausage Burrito Meal $4.39 460

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize Ingredients in My Breakfast Sandwich?

Absolutely, you can tailor your breakfast sandwich just the way you like it. Feel free to pick your favorite kind of bread and cheese. Plus, you can decide if you want to add eggs, bacon, or both. Whatever you choose, make it your own!

How Do I Find Nutritional Information for Breakfast Items?

To get nutrition facts for breakfast foods, check the restaurant’s website or app. They usually list details like calories for everything they serve.

Do Breakfast Combo Prices Vary by Location?

Yes, the cost of breakfast combos can change depending on where you are. This happens because the cost of doing business, like rent and supplies, can be different in each place. Each McDonald’s might also make its own pricing decisions. It’s a good idea to ask your local McDonald’s for the exact prices.

Is There a Discount for Large Breakfast Orders?

About your question on discounts for big breakfast orders, it’s best to check with your nearby McDonald’s. Each restaurant might have different deals or rules, and these can change.


We’ve looked at McDonald’s breakfast menu, and it’s clear they offer something for everyone. McDonald’s also serves breakfast all day on weekends, and some items are even available 24/7 at certain locations. This makes it easy for everyone to grab breakfast on their own schedule. In short, McDonald’s makes sure their breakfast is not only tasty but also convenient and accessible to all.

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