Essential Oils That Repel Bugs

Summer is one of the best seasons to do outdoor camping, outdoor dinners and parties. Staying with nature and enjoying every moment in bliss is pure joy. Well, just as you are enjoying the calm night in the jungle, mountains or even in your backyard, the mosquitoes and other bugs will be enjoying theirs too. They absolutely love the blood of humans, so it’ll be pretty annoying for you to stay safe from the attack of the bugs.

Fortunately, we do have chemical-based bug repellents and also natural options like BuzzBgone Zap. When it comes to the natural options, we do have specific plants and essential oils that repel the bugs. Essential oils are pretty important for humans, as they contain the pure and concentrated extract of the plants and the flowers. With the aroma, it contains healing and calming properties. There are a lot of essential oils that repel bugs and mosquitoes when used properly. In this post, we are going to share all the information about the essential oils that repel mosquitoes and bugs effectively.

List of All of the Essential Oils that Repel Bugs

#1 – Kaffir Lime

Yes. Kaffir Lime is one of the most aromatic varieties of lime, which is known for repelling bugs. Just keeping the whole kafir lime in your house will cause the mosquitoes and bugs to stay away from the house. So, the essential oil of the Kafir lime will help you effectively repel the same. According to the research, a single spray of the Kafir lime oil with the carrier oil repelled the bugs for more than three hours. Make sure to use a strong formulation to get full-proof protection from the bugs.

#2 – Clove oil

Clove essential oil is pretty useful in case of extreme toothache. But who’ve thought it’d be a great option for repelling the insects and bugs. With the clove oil on the skin with the proper spray formulation, you can stay safe from bugs and mosquitoes for a long time. Just like you make any homemade essential oils spray for repelling the bugs, add a few drops of clove oil into the same. Directly applying the clove oil may cause irritation, so it’s better to apply it after diluting the same with the carrier oil.

#3 – Lavender Oil

If you prefer the mild and soothing smell, then the Lavender essential oil is the best one. Unlike the other essential oils, you can apply lavender oil to your skin without any issues. So, it’s always better to replace your deodorant or the mosquito repellent cream with lavender oil.  You can make the candles or the Lavender oil or even use it in the repellant sprays. The best way to use the Lavender oil for repelling the bugs is through the humidifier. Just add a few drops of the Lavender oil in the humidifier water and let it work for a few minutes. All of the bugs and the mosquitoes will disappear suddenly after you start the humidifier. Now, enjoy the calming and soothing effect of the lavender oil without worrying about the bugs in your house or in the backyard.

#4 – Tea Tree Oil

The Tea Tree essential oil is great for skin application but also useful for repelling bugs. According to the experts, applying a tiny drop of Tea Tree oil on the skin where the bugs have bitten will immediately reduce the burning sensation. Fortunately, there are a lot of great Tea Tree oil candles and incense sticks that you can light up for releasing the aroma of the same. This will effectively prevent the bugs from entering your house. You should always use the Tea Tree oil on your skin mixed with the carrier oil. Also, using any of the skin products which contain Tea Tree oil will work as a soothing ingredient and also repels the bugs from coming in contact with your skin.

#4 – Vetiver

Vetiver, or the Khus as popularly known around the world, is one of the best herb or essential oil for repelling bugs. It has one of the mildest scents and is very light on the skin. So you can make the homemade bug repellent cream or spray at home and use it to repel the bugs. Using it in the humidifier will help you spread the aroma in the entire house and also kill the bugs in your house. Regularly using the Vetiver essential oil is highly recommended, as it has a calming nature.

Final Words

Essential oils might be mistrusted by doctors, but they do have miraculous properties. The bug repellant property is pretty powerful and proven by experts from all over the world. With the essential oils that repel bugs, you can stay protected from the bugs and mosquitoes. In this post, we tried our best to share the information about the bugs repellent essential oils. Now it’s your part to acquire them and make the mosquito repellent sprays, candles or incense sticks.

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