Burger King Lunch Menu With Prices [Updated 2024]

As we move into 2024, Burger King keeps up with changing tastes and prices with its latest lunch offerings. You’ll still find classics like the iconic Whopper, but there are also new choices like the BK Royal Crispy Chicken and a much-awaited vegan burger.

They’ve priced these meals to stay competitive, offering deals that fit different budgets. If you’re curious about how Burger King manages quality, innovation, and costs, taking a closer look at their updated menu could be very interesting.

Burger King Lunch Menu

Burger Meals

Burger King Burger meals

Item Price
Classic Melt $4.99
Bacon Melt $5.49
Shroom n’ Swiss Melt $5.49
Whopper $5.39
Impossible™ Whopper $6.39
Texas Double Whopper $7.39
Double Whopper $6.89
Triple Whopper $8.59
Bacon King $7.59
BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr. $4.19
Whopper Jr. $3.19
Bacon Double Cheeseburger $3.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $2.99
Double Cheeseburger $2.99
Cheeseburger $2.29
Rodeo Burger $2.29
Hamburger $1.99

Chicken & Fish Options

Burger King Chicken & Fish options

Item Price
12 Pc. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries $4.99
8 Pc. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries $3.99
4 Pc. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries $1.99
BK Royal Crispy Chicken $5.49
Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken $5.49
Bacon and Swiss BK Royal Crispy Chicken $6.49
Original Chicken Sandwich $4.99
16 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $3.99
8 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $2.49
4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $1.79
12 Pc. Chicken Fries $4.99
8 Pc. Chicken Fries $3.99
4 Pc. Chicken Fries $1.99
Big Fish $4.79
Chicken Jr. $2.49
Classic BK Royal Crispy Wrap $2.99
Spicy BK Royal Crispy Wrap $2.99
Honey Mustard BK Royal Crispy Wrap $2.99

Sides And Drinks


 Burger King Sides

Item Price Calories
Cheesy Tots $1.49 170 cal
Have-sies™ $2.79 380 cal
Classic Fries $2.79 370 cal
Onion Rings $2.79 360 cal
12 Pc. Chicken Fries $4.99 340 cal
8 Pc. Chicken Fries $3.99 220 cal
4 Pc. Chicken Fries $1.99 110 cal
16 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $3.99 770 cal
8 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $2.49 390 cal
4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $1.79 190 cal
Mozzarella Sticks $1.99 330 cal
MOTTS Applesauce $1.69 50 cal


Burger king Drinks

Item Price Calories
Coca-Cola $2.29 350 cal
Diet Coke $2.29 0 cal
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar $2.29 0 cal
Shakes $3.79 640 cal
Dr Pepper® $2.29 350 cal
Sprite $2.29 330 cal
Sprite Zero $2.29 10 cal
Pure Life® Purified Water $1.99 0 cal
Sweetened Iced Tea $2.29 160 cal
Unsweetened Iced Tea $2.29 0 cal
Minute Maid Lemonade $2.29 260 cal
Barq’s $2.29 380 cal
Diet Barq’s $2.29 0 cal
HI-C Fruit Punch $2.29 410 cal
Fanta Orange $2.29 370 cal
Mello Yello $2.29 310 cal
Powerade Zero $2.29 15 cal
Honest Kids® Apple Juice Drink $1.59 35 cal
Frozen Coke® $1.99 160 cal
Frozen Fanta® Wild Cherry $1.99 160 cal
BK Café $1.59 0 cal
BK Café Decaf $1.59 0 cal
BK Café Iced Coffee $2.29 200 cal
Fat-Free Milk $1.69 90 cal
Simply® Orange Juice $2.49 160 cal

Kids Meals

Item Price Caloric Range Item Price
Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal $4.29 340 – 937 cal Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal $4.29
4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal $4.29 240 – 837 cal 4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal $4.29
6 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal $4.99 340 – 937 cal 6 Pc. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal $4.99
Hamburger King Jr. Meal $4.29 300 – 897 cal Hamburger King Jr. Meal $4.29

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Important Links of Burger King

Official Website https://www.bk.com/
Apps https://play.google.com/


Contact https://www.bk.com/support

Find Burger King on Social Media

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/burgerking/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/burgerking/?hl=en
Twitter https://twitter.com/BurgerKing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Any Burger King Lunch Items Gluten-Free?

Burger King’s lunch menu has some options that might work if you’re avoiding gluten. However, they don’t clearly list which items are gluten-free. It’s a good idea to talk to the restaurant directly to get the most accurate allergen details.

Does Burger King Offer Any Lunchtime Meal Deals or Discounts?

Yes, Burger King has several lunch deals and discounts. They offer the “Melts and More for 4” and the “$5 Your Way Meal.” These deals give you a good discount on some of their popular items.

Can I Customize My Order in the Burger King App?

Yes, you can customize your order in the Burger King app. It’s simple: pick your ingredients, decide how much you want, and add any special requests. This way, you can get your meal just the way you like it, all through the app.

What Are the Vegetarian Options Available for Lunch at Burger King?

Burger King has great choices for vegetarians too. They serve the Impossible Whopper and a Mushroom Veggie Burger. These options are perfect if you’re looking for a meat-free meal but still want that classic Burger King taste.

How Many Calories Are in the Burger King $5 Your Way Meal?

The Burger King $5 Your Way Meal has 770 calories. Usually, you can pick between a Whopper Jr. or a BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr. It also comes with a drink, some fries, and chicken nuggets.


Burger King’s 2024 lunch menu has something for everyone. They focus on quality and keeping prices low, making it a go-to place for many looking for a quick and tasty meal. Whether you want something classic or a bit different, they’ve got you covered. They price their food thoughtfully, ensuring you get good value. This makes it easy to grab a satisfying lunch without spending too much.

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